Disposable Biopsy Punch

Sterile disposable standard biopsy punch is extremely sharp, medical grade stainless steel blade with a safety cap, and a textured handle provides comfort and firm control.
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Round seamless stainless steel ground blades

Double grinding ensures razor sharp cutting edge

Asymmetric design provides secure grip

Color coded handle denotes blade size

Latex free

Individually packaged in sealed durable easy to peel pouch

Transparent for visual inspection

Easy to peel

Size prominently printed on pouch and handle

1.0, 1.5, 10 and 12 mm available by special order only

Available in boxes of 25

Size SKU
2.0 mm Disposable Punch 77002
2.5 mm Disposable Punch 77025
3.0 mm Disposable Punch 77003
3.5 mm Disposable Punch 77035
4.0 mm Disposable Punch 77004
5.0 mm Disposable Punch 77005
6.0 mm Disposable Punch 77006
8.0 mm Disposable Punch 77008

Instructions For Use

Intended Use
To remove a small section of dermal tissue including deep layers (epidermis, dermis and superficial fat) with a minimum of damage to the surrounding tissue.
Device Description
SkinStitch Biopsy Punch has a circular, hollow blade attached at the working end of the pencil-like handle. The ribbed handle provides firm, secure grip during tissue extraction. The instrument is available in eight (8) different sizes to meet clinical sample requirements. The SkinStitch Biopsy Punch is provided sterile. Method of sterilization is EtO (Ethylene oxide).
Do not use SkinStitch Biopsy Punch under the following conditions:
  • Visible evidence of damage or debris on handle or circular blade.
  • Reuse on different patient.
  • Invasive cancer that is visible on examination.
  • Bleeding disorders and anti-coagulative medication use.
  • Intended for single patient use only. Do NOT reuse.
  • Device is sterilized, prior to packaging.
  • Do not use if the package is damaged/broken, prior to use.
  • Discard device, if any cracks/fractures are noticed on the handle.
  • Medical professionals and assistants should always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when performing skin biopsy procedure.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure, as this could generate slight pain.
  • Prescription device, Rx only.
  • Device sterility cannot be guaranteed, if package is broken/damaged prior to use.
  • Extra care should be taken while handling the device from coming in to contact with contamination.
  • Minimal bleeding may be noted after the procedure.
Adverse Events
  • Soreness or tenderness at the treatment site.
  • Permanent scarring
Instructions For Use
  1. Based on the patient’s anatomy, test specifications and clinical preference, select the appropriate sized Uni-Punch.
  2. Firmly press the sterile biopsy punch into the anesthetized site from which a specimen is desired. While continuing to exert pressure, twist the punch first clockwise and then counter clockwise to the appropriate depth of subcutaneous tissue.
  3. It is most likely that the separated dermal tissue will need to be lifted with a pair of forceps after removing the punch. Scissors may be needed to cut beneath the sample to complete the excision.
  4. The tissue lodged inside the cone can be extricated directly or by pushing thought the hollow handle with a sterile instrument.
  • Device should be stored in a dry moisture-free area.
  • Device storage and handling temperature should not exceed (37.7° C) 100° F.
Shelf Life
SkinStitch Biopsy Punch has an indefinite shelf life.
Dispose the device as biohazardous medical waste in accordance to facility or institutional guidelines/procedures.