Disposable Ear Curettes

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The SkinStitch precision Ear Curette is an incredibly useful tool in cleaning the ear canal. The blunt ended loop assists in the removal of excess cerumen without damaging the canal skin or underlying tissue.
SkinStitch offers the most flexible high quality 5 tip color configurations disposable Ear Curettes manufactured with medical grade latex free polypropylene plastic. The tips are sturdy but flexible which provides safety while removing build up from the ear canal. Each curette is approximately 5.75 inches (147mm) long and individually wrapped.
Size SKU
Oval Ear Curette 79001
Child Ear Curette 79002
Round Ear Curette 79003
Spoon Ear Curette 79004
Loop Ear Curette 79005

Instructions For Use

Intended Use
Sterile single-use instrument for precise and gentle curettage
The aim of curettage is the removal of a superficial skin change with a minimum, of damage to the surrounding tissue.
The curette is extremely sharp and thus gives precise and gentle tissue removal, which also facilitates its deployment in the treatment of superficial malign tumors.
  • Circular extremely sharp blade
  • Ergonomic plastic handle
  • Good field of operating visibility
Instructions For Use
Before curettage, a local anesthetic is generally required, with appropriate disinfection of the skin. In cases of very small, superficial lesions, it is possible to avoid the anesthetic.
  1. The most commonly-used method is: the curette is held between the thumb, index and middle finger, while the skin should be stretched with the fingers of the other hand.
  2. This method of holding enables precise guiding of the instrument, so that the piece of tissue can be removed in one well-targeted incision.
  3. A further commonly-used method is to hold the handle of the curette in the fold of the finger and supported by the other fingers of the curetting hand. The thumbs serve to provide stable base. This technique makes it possible to guide instrument, applying greater pressure, but accuracy is reduced a little. In view of the sharpness this technique is preferably used only in cases of hard skin.
  • Intended for single patient use only. Do NOT reuse.
  • Device is sterilized, prior to packaging.
  • Do not use if the package is damaged/broken, prior to use.
  • Discard device, if any cracks/fractures are noticed on the handle.
  • Medical professionals and assistants should always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when performing skin biopsy procedure.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure, as this could generate slight pain.
  • Prescription device, Rx only.
Warnings/Precautions for Safe Handling and Preparation
  • Read, follow and keep the instruction for use.
  • Use the product only in accordance with its intended use, see intended use.
  • Store any new products in a dry, clean and safe place.
  • Avoid high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight, soaking and preserve at room temperature
  • Preserve at the status of non-break to package material and non-pinhole.
  • It is necessary to confirm the use period on each package and box (Shelf life 5 years).
  • By confirming the use period on each package and box, dispose the products which expire the use period.
  • Prior to each use, inspect the product for: loose, bent, broken, cracked, worn, or fractured components.
  • Do not use the product if it is damaged or defective. Set aside the product if it is damaged.
  • Avoid contact of the delicate blades at tips with hard surfaces or other instruments.
Contraindication and Prohibition
  • Re-use prohibited
  • Re-sterile prohibited
  • Do not use after expiry date.
  • Do not use if it is considered that the products aseptic condition is spoiled by broken package.
  • Do not try to clean
Adverse Reactions or Side Effects
None known