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Our Story

More than 20 years ago SkinStitch LLC began by trying to make a few things stick: an unrivaled dedication to personal customer service; a keen interest in consistently delivering exceptional quality at unparalleled value; and to make a medical skin adhesive that … well … “sticks” better than anything else on the market!

Company founder, Paul B. Morrow, recognized the incredible potential in developing and enhancing a unique medical adhesive applicator that amplifies the skill level of todays highly talented medical professionals. The initial SkinStitch design ensured the physician could precisely apply the medical adhesive with acute precision while ensuring none of the fluid is wasted in the delivery process. The result? A game-changing medical adhesive that delivers life-changing results to patients, and incredible cost and time savings for both health care providers and medical facilities.

Beginning in 2019, SkinStitch LLC president, Venkat Kakani, initiated an indepth plan to expand the products and services provided by SkinStitch. The goal was to capitalize on the strong foundation of service and value which was the cornerstone of SkinStitch. The objective was to expand the breadth of products and services offered by SkinStitch that uniquely fit the scope of the company’s DNA.

As a result, a wide range of new and exciting products are now being offered by SkinStitch that fit the same classic mold of “unrivaled personal customer service” and “exceptional quality and value” that have been at the core of the company.

Products such as skin staplers, dermal curettes, ear curettes, biopsy punches, veterinary medical adhesive and even an updated delivery system for the original SkinStitch product are now a part of the catalog.

Unfortunately, this creates a problem: we love our SkinStitch brand … and we KNOW thousands of medical professionals all over the world love our SkinStitch brand as well. However, SkinStitch … although a fantastic medical adhesive … only describes SkinStitch Medical Adhesive. We need a better way to describe the scope of the products we now offer, as well as the broad range of products we will be offering very soon.

Introducing SS Medical Products.

While the new name may be nothing more than a fresh coat of paint on a beloved classic, it really does describe the expanded universe of products we now offer.

Some things stay the same: you will still enjoy “unrivaled personal customer service” and can always expect “exceptional quality and value” from SS Medical Products.
Yes … and you can also get SkinStitch as well!

The Company We Keep …

SS Medical Products has worked with hundreds of companies (large and small), government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Here are just a few of our satisfied customers:

Avenue Periodontist
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Ctr.
Affordable Medical Supply
Alert Services
Allied Medical Products Inc.
Alpha Medthrift Scientific
American Med
Atlantic Medical Solutions
Attica Correctional Facility
Balmung Medical
Bell Medical Services
Bellegrove Medical Supply
Bossier Health System
Blue Mountain Hospital
Canton-Potsdam Hospital
Cara Medical
CardioVascular Care Group
Carolina Eye Associates
Central Utah Foot Clinic
CGH Medical Center
Collins Sports Medicine
Corneal Consultants of Colorado
Crenshaw Community Hospital
DDP Medical Supply
Denver Eye Surgeons
Direct Med Supplies
Family Urgent Care
Fruitville Walk-in Urgent Care
Glasgold Group
Green Haven Correctional Facility
Gulf Pluses Trading Est. 
Guthrie Healthcare System
Health Products For You
KMS Medical Surgical Supply
Lansing Urgent Care
Lexington Plastic Surgeons
Liberty Vision Corporation
Life Care Supplies
LV Liberty Vison
Malik Eye Institute, LLC.
Massena  Hospital Inc.
Masterfit Medical Supply
Mayo Foundation
McCannel Eye Clinic
Medical Resources
Medice, LLC
Meridian Center For Surgical Excellence
Midtown Family Medicine
New Vision of Illinois
Ocean Eye Institute
Ocean Medical
OSU-Havener Eye Institute
Owens and Minor
Palisade Plastic Surgery
Penn State Hershey Eye Center
Performance Health Supply
Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg
Progressive Medical
S F Cosmetic Surgery
Slocum Surgery Center
Waco Family Dentistry
Suture Express Inc.
Tipton Family Dentistry
Total Medical Care
Two Rivers Medical Clinic
Unity Healthcare
University of Rochester
Upstate Correctional Facility
Urgent Care of Mercer County
Utah Jazz
Waterfront Surgery Center
West Point Medical Center
Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center